Personal Attention Leasing — SkyBitz GLS

PAL has teamed up with Skybitz © to provide GLS (Global Locating System)
technology to our customers.

GLS Benefits

This service allows for real-time access to the location of the rental trailers providing efficiency of your fleet and dispatch. This feature can also eliminate “lost” or stolen trailers as they can be located 24/7 through the system.

We were won over by the fact that they offer the longest battery life of other available systems.

Easy to Use

Customers log into to access a list of their rental trailers and their locations. This service is built into our rate structure so there is no add-on fee on an invoice for the use of the service.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information on GLS tracking through Skybitz© and a demonstration to see the benefits to your company and its operations.